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Catherine Middleton’s Wedding Dress

April 30, 2011

It seems that EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE EXCEPT ME totally loved Katie’s dress. Don’t get me wrong. I LOOVE McQueen. Indeed one queen to another is fitting.

I looved the bodice. The Grace Kelly-esque bit of it is a classic.

I however DID NOT like it from the waist down. Sure, it is better than Diana’s but Diana’s had that long tail that is true to who Diana was in it. Katie’s? well I am struggling to see the Katie in Katie’s dress! She is a 21st century princess for heaven’s sake why did the bottom half have to be so pre-2nd world war?

Where's the Katie is in this dress?

The reason why we are taking about Pippa so much is because we see us in her. We see ourselves in that dress and we see that with a bit more pilates THAT BOTTOM is attainable!

Princess Catherine you’d better shape up and be in touch with your subjects soon. You now belong to the public and the public you must please. Find that ‘Diana’ in you and unleash it to us. And YES you MUST.

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