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Natural Woman is a Rare breed nowadays.

March 19, 2011

Angelina Jolie once said the secret to her beauty is ‘never leave home without a mascara’  -abide by this mantra and you will exude beauty-daily. Is it really  THAT simple?

A mascara will not make my eyelashes hollywood black and white pic purrr-fect. ESPECIALLY when false eye lashes/lash extensions reign! Long spidery glittery eyelashes and the lack of pretense that they could be real.

A new aesthetic of femininity is at hand.

Fake lashes, false teeth, tan, nails. Why are ordinary women trying this? Talented celebrities on the podium on this fake-false continuum is acceptable. Teens on a train? suddenly trashy.

I have flat breast but the idea of supplementing them with ‘chicken’ this or the other is too off- the- beaten track but I’ll (sort of) understand if your idol is Katie Price aka Jordan of the big augmented breasts then it is truly necessary.

I KNOW that NOT all of us want to be Jordan. But again the BOOB job/Baazookas/cosmetic surgery industry is booming beyond. Consumerism seems to give us, in this day and age, some sort of power. When it goes wrong, we have bought the wrong stuff or sort a sub- standard surgeon.

Clearly it is useless to say to oneself ‘ just tone what you’ve got and flaunt it’

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