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Shoes Are Out

February 19, 2011

For the first time in my life( and I have lived long enough/some people would call me ‘middle aged’ SIGH)

I THREW AWAY a pair of shoes!

It happened at about 9.30 am this morning. First,I wasn’t sure what bin to shove them into. Would that be the ‘normal’ bin or the recycle bin? I decided the latter.

Then, I thought about the shoes the whole FREAKING day. I mean relentlessly!

Should I have given them out to charity? Of course not! they are torn and a tad smelly!

I shouldn’t really have thrown them away I mean who does that? But they have served you longer than any other shoes since your high school brogues! AND you bought new ones last week and another similar pair yesterday for goodness sake!

The pair I bought the week before were deep purple, in the sale, Victorian-ish and were £20.00- more than 70% less the original price. The pair I bought yesterday are not similar to the ones I threw away this morning. Wellies replace the UGG-eque pair. These are from a supermarket range. Cost £4.

My shoes cost me £40, also in the sales then, and they have seen a good three winters. But London being what it is, where winter stretches right through to June, they have served me and been with me for three years. I always have cold feet so you can be sure I wore these pair EVERY OTHER DAY.

I miss them. Already.

So rushed home and went straight to the bin. The idea was to get them and take a picture( a thought that occurred to me while away) as a memory. Believe it or not, for the first time in the history of recycle bins in my block, the bin was full! I would have had to turn the bin inside out to get to my shoes ( and am still not sure it’s still in there.It’s also drizzling in an annoying way too today.)

I let go.

Now focusing on new shoe(s) bought as replacement. My very own jif/cif moment.

Wellies: The replacement

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