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Male violence towards women is a continuum

February 9, 2011

NEWS FLASH:The founder of a New York TV station set up to promote tolerance and understanding has been convicted of beheading his wife in the studio.

I’ll also go ahead and write that, in the UK, Shrien instigated the murder of his wife Anni Dewani, in Cape Town( the investigation/case continues)

Shrien and wife Anni Dewani

So why do men murder their wives?

The argument is that wife murder cannot be understood in terms of loss of control or a moment of insanity, but is rather a deliberate act, one which is the culmination of emotional distress that has prepared the psychological grounds for committing the murder. As such, it is an act of profound despair, represented by the readiness to destroy another even if this means destroying the self.

— When the man perceives the woman to be his whole world so that he feels that any separation from her entails a loss of his own identity
— When his life lacks other sources of meaning and reasons for living
— When the traditional perception of masculinity, which dictates that the male has full power, honor, and control, runs counter to his dependency upon his wife, making that reliance appear evidence of his weakness and humiliation, and an affront to masculine honor.
— When personal behavior is rigid and uncompromising
–When prevailing beliefs about love appear to justify the sacrifice of his wife on the one hand and of persistence on the other. In this case, the ideology behind love provides the legitimacy for terrible crimes.
When all the above conditions pertain, the risk of wife murder increases.

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