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Meat Meat and More Meat

January 26, 2011

There is something about South East London AND it is surprisingly good. Gone are the days when they used to kill French foreign students point blank. Now New Cross is oozing vraaaa vraaa vrooom  and it is not Goldsmith College students from near by, though they help. It is the light and newly built ‘New Cross Gate’ station. It is one siren per hour as opposed to ten. But more importantly,It is the ‘bacon burger remains porn’ joint that has cropped up.

I ventured there with a friend after 7pm.It was dark. We almost missed it, but not for long. There was a line of MANY beautiful looking men walking down the dark alley heading the same way. We walked through an even blacker gate, walked up some stairs and more stairs. My very posh friend suddenly had doubts but I quelled her fears with “this is the most trending place right now. Believe me.’

#MEAT EASY had 700 Facebook followers in it’s first week alone! that in the year 2011 is GRAVITAS. I was not about to turn back. Onwards and upwards. The place is buzzing. More men than women-sweet( I think the ladies have yet to be convinced that this place is genuine). OR it’s become a gay hangout( which is always a very good indicator that a place is GREAT)

We are told there is a two-hour wait for food! What the hell!

This is a restaurant/pop-up review first-I am writing about a place I haven’t eaten at. A world record surely. But South East London deserves good press. I have seen something really good and I am more than glad to report it.

Now #MEATEASY is there any way I can have a bite without having to wait?

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