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Kate Middleton and the Road Less Travelled

December 13, 2010

I take thee Kate Middleton to the Road Less Travelled

Go Green

When I say Green I mean choose a green coloured wedding dress.

We are in the noughties and  green, my learned friends, is the new naughty. Wear green Kate and the message is loud and clear. Reaching and saving the world one green dress at a time. Green is symbolic. We are all suckers of symbolism  AND after that photo con Mario Testino in a high street dress we know, a little of, Kate. That she is bound to go off the beaten track all the way.

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Bridesmaid Green

Maybe Kate herself going green will shock the world and kill the Monarchy. Softly softly it is then. How about the bridesmaids themselves(and all your other accessories) going green? Huh? Look at the latter three again. Gallery below.

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Vote Vintage

Like Henry VIII vintage. Bespoke, Handmade. The works. Pray lets get those handmaidens working shall we?

Haute Couture

Pretty Pastels and High shines soo ss2011 darhlin’.

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