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Pregnant and Pole Dancing

December 7, 2010

Christina Applegate( Voted Favourite Female TV star, Samantha Who?, Founding member of the pussycat dolls,beat Breast cancer) is five months pregnant and pole dancing. This gives us great hope.

I mean once you’ve discovered that the baby is healthy, usually by the third month, you know pretty much everything about the baby’s health- and your morning sickness is gone-ish. You are so good to go.

Many know and ’tis true you cannot see your toes or ‘other parts’ of your body at this time. But your need to:

a) Have sex and feel sexy( as seen on one episode of Friends avec Jennifer) is at an all time high

b) Do something that will make you see your toes is almost imperative( Can you imagine 6 months of not seeing your toes!Gross.)

Here she is confirming that both a) and b) above can be done. Viva Seduce-c-dance!

Catch the pole dancing, and farting  below. Warning: Contains swearing but far from bad ass inappropriate:

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