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What I saw last night: Any Human Heart

November 23, 2010

Flash, bang, romp: that is truly Any Human Heart (Channel 4, Sundays).The 20th century has never been so, well, inviting.

Logan Mountstuart mounting Tess then very shortly Land in the hope that he’ll escape his upbringing ‘my father was the CEO of a meat factory. I was surrounded by meat.’

The Bull mounts Land. He is no longer a virgin. We are united by the desire to place a collective ‘Yay’ pillow between the young writer’s tight buttocks.

A very old Logan, is played by Jim Broadbrent. But we haven’t reached there yet. We start with a perfect looking Sam Claflin playing Logan. His time is short and in comes Matthew Macfadyen.

You quickly forget the previous Logan and accept the new one. William Boyd’s adaptation of his own novel is more than a treat. Any Human Heart  is about change, ageing, love, lust and chance encounters. Life really. Episode two? can’t wait

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