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Catherine Middleton’s Wedding Dress

April 30, 2011

It seems that EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE EXCEPT ME totally loved Katie’s dress. Don’t get me wrong. I LOOVE McQueen. Indeed one queen to another is fitting.

I looved the bodice. The Grace Kelly-esque bit of it is a classic.

I however DID NOT like it from the waist down. Sure, it is better than Diana’s but Diana’s had that long tail that is true to who Diana was in it. Katie’s? well I am struggling to see the Katie in Katie’s dress! She is a 21st century princess for heaven’s sake why did the bottom half have to be so pre-2nd world war?

Where's the Katie is in this dress?

The reason why we are taking about Pippa so much is because we see us in her. We see ourselves in that dress and we see that with a bit more pilates THAT BOTTOM is attainable!

Princess Catherine you’d better shape up and be in touch with your subjects soon. You now belong to the public and the public you must please. Find that ‘Diana’ in you and unleash it to us. And YES you MUST.


Pills Free For All

April 6, 2011

In Wales, UK, women and girls-even those under 16 can now walk into pharmacies and supermarkets to obtain the emergency contraception pill, which normally costs around £25.

Free in Wales

Studies have shown that to make the pill ready available has caused a surge in STD and unplanned pregnancies. What we must face as well we don’t know who their partners are. It could be a 50-year sex pervert!

Why are we not addressing their partners? Should girls under 16 be having sex anyway?


Natural Woman is a Rare breed nowadays.

March 19, 2011

Angelina Jolie once said the secret to her beauty is ‘never leave home without a mascara’  -abide by this mantra and you will exude beauty-daily. Is it really  THAT simple?

A mascara will not make my eyelashes hollywood black and white pic purrr-fect. ESPECIALLY when false eye lashes/lash extensions reign! Long spidery glittery eyelashes and the lack of pretense that they could be real.

A new aesthetic of femininity is at hand.

Fake lashes, false teeth, tan, nails. Why are ordinary women trying this? Talented celebrities on the podium on this fake-false continuum is acceptable. Teens on a train? suddenly trashy.

I have flat breast but the idea of supplementing them with ‘chicken’ this or the other is too off- the- beaten track but I’ll (sort of) understand if your idol is Katie Price aka Jordan of the big augmented breasts then it is truly necessary.

I KNOW that NOT all of us want to be Jordan. But again the BOOB job/Baazookas/cosmetic surgery industry is booming beyond. Consumerism seems to give us, in this day and age, some sort of power. When it goes wrong, we have bought the wrong stuff or sort a sub- standard surgeon.

Clearly it is useless to say to oneself ‘ just tone what you’ve got and flaunt it’

Sex Education in Schools: Graphic Resources recommended.

March 9, 2011

These images below otherwise called illustrations/graphic materials/explicit material(delete as necessary) have been cleared, in a dossier, for  primary school  sex education classs in Britain.

I am split into two.

Children who ask questions should be provided with truthful answers. But the children have to ask first. When they ask, these materials can be a useful resource  for both schools and parents. However, children must and should be allowed to be children first. If they are still ‘kid-ish’ they are most likely NOT bothered or indeed ready for such illustrations.

I am writing a boy meets girl book aimed at 8-12 year olds and in the last chapter am struggling with the  dialogue and setting leading up to the ‘kissing scene’ maybe I shouldn’t but something in me tells me that it is a VERY VERY thin line.

International Women’s Day 2011

March 8, 2011

International Women’s Day comes and goes and very little changes but it is always at the back of my mind. It was brought to the front a couple of years ago oddly when I was applying for a visa to go to Azerbaijan. I was applying in February for a trip in March. (PS: This is by far the friendliest Embassy to date). The man at the desk asked me if I could change my dates so that I could arrive early and ‘see the international Women’s Day street celebrations’ that are on every year there. Sadly I couldn’t  but that really alerted me to issues that I really should dedicate a lot of thought to.

Much remains to be done. In the UK one in every four MPs is a woman. In the Nordic countries this is twice as high and still much need to be done. But it has taken over a  century to break the male strong hold.

A workmate once commented that ‘ It was easier for a black and or gay man to be elected as president in the United States than a  woman/lesbian’

Quotas apply in some African and Latin American countries. Many argue that it doesn’t necessarily follow that having more women in the legislature means a better chance of snapping up key cabinet posts. The link between women in parliament and heads of state is ‘limited’.

Denmark abolished quotas in mid 1990s and today women still control 49 percent of the legislative. Rwanda has favored gender equality and decentralization and the mere presence of women has helped the country pass ‘extremely difficult’ laws.

However it must be stressed that getting women in parliament is just half the journey.

Shoes Are Out

February 19, 2011

For the first time in my life( and I have lived long enough/some people would call me ‘middle aged’ SIGH)

I THREW AWAY a pair of shoes!

It happened at about 9.30 am this morning. First,I wasn’t sure what bin to shove them into. Would that be the ‘normal’ bin or the recycle bin? I decided the latter.

Then, I thought about the shoes the whole FREAKING day. I mean relentlessly!

Should I have given them out to charity? Of course not! they are torn and a tad smelly!

I shouldn’t really have thrown them away I mean who does that? But they have served you longer than any other shoes since your high school brogues! AND you bought new ones last week and another similar pair yesterday for goodness sake!

The pair I bought the week before were deep purple, in the sale, Victorian-ish and were £20.00- more than 70% less the original price. The pair I bought yesterday are not similar to the ones I threw away this morning. Wellies replace the UGG-eque pair. These are from a supermarket range. Cost £4.

My shoes cost me £40, also in the sales then, and they have seen a good three winters. But London being what it is, where winter stretches right through to June, they have served me and been with me for three years. I always have cold feet so you can be sure I wore these pair EVERY OTHER DAY.

I miss them. Already.

So rushed home and went straight to the bin. The idea was to get them and take a picture( a thought that occurred to me while away) as a memory. Believe it or not, for the first time in the history of recycle bins in my block, the bin was full! I would have had to turn the bin inside out to get to my shoes ( and am still not sure it’s still in there.It’s also drizzling in an annoying way too today.)

I let go.

Now focusing on new shoe(s) bought as replacement. My very own jif/cif moment.

Wellies: The replacement

Male violence towards women is a continuum

February 9, 2011

NEWS FLASH:The founder of a New York TV station set up to promote tolerance and understanding has been convicted of beheading his wife in the studio.

I’ll also go ahead and write that, in the UK, Shrien instigated the murder of his wife Anni Dewani, in Cape Town( the investigation/case continues)

Shrien and wife Anni Dewani

So why do men murder their wives?

The argument is that wife murder cannot be understood in terms of loss of control or a moment of insanity, but is rather a deliberate act, one which is the culmination of emotional distress that has prepared the psychological grounds for committing the murder. As such, it is an act of profound despair, represented by the readiness to destroy another even if this means destroying the self.

— When the man perceives the woman to be his whole world so that he feels that any separation from her entails a loss of his own identity
— When his life lacks other sources of meaning and reasons for living
— When the traditional perception of masculinity, which dictates that the male has full power, honor, and control, runs counter to his dependency upon his wife, making that reliance appear evidence of his weakness and humiliation, and an affront to masculine honor.
— When personal behavior is rigid and uncompromising
–When prevailing beliefs about love appear to justify the sacrifice of his wife on the one hand and of persistence on the other. In this case, the ideology behind love provides the legitimacy for terrible crimes.
When all the above conditions pertain, the risk of wife murder increases.